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5 Tips on Decorating Your Orlando Office for Halloween

  • October 28,2019
  • by interiorcontract

5 Tips on Decorating Your Orlando Office for Halloween

You’ve probably seen Halloween decorations in your local store since July, but when October finally rolls around then you know that it’s time to bring the festivities into the office. After all, most will decorate their home or porch, but why stop there? Decorating your desk, cubicle or office hallways ensures that the spooky spirit lives throughout the season. Here are 5 Halloween decorating tips to bring to your office this fall courtesy of Interior Contract Services, Orlando’s office furniture experts!

Tip #1: Get crazy with cobwebs 

This is one of the easiest decorations in the book, especially if you’re familiar with decorating at your own home for Halloween. Purchase fake spiderwebs from any party store and be sure to stretch it as much as possible. Select a spot in the office where you can place it with several anchor points. For an office, the corners between walls and over cubicles may be your best bet for location. 

Tip #2: Try out some caution tape

Office pranks are always fun but be careful not to start a war! Can you imagine getting to work and having your office blocked off by caution tape? That’s not the best start to anyone’s Monday morning. You can find caution tape at any party store, and it makes a funny joke or even just a cool decoration (for example, think about using it to outline everyone’s door).  

Tip #3: Consider a theme

Many of our favorite office decorations over the years here in Orlando have come from a general theme of design. Maybe a Frankenstein vibe or a witch’s corner… whatever gives your scary juices flowing. 

Tip #4: Invest in a candy bowl  

Is this decoration? Is this practical? Will you keep it beyond Halloween? You tell us based on your sweet tooth. All we know is that you can’t have Halloween without lots and lots of candy. Keep a full candy bowl in your office or cubicle for the duration of the month of October and be sure to hand some out to whoever comes to visit (provided they say, “Trick or Treat!” to you an annoying number of times).  

Tip #5: Go batty

If you’re feeling really festive, you can go a little batty and get some hanging or wall decorations. Although incredibly simple, these immediately transform your space and really make you feel as though something spooky is happening in the office. This would also be perfect for an office Halloween party in the breakroom if you need something quick and festive! 

Final thoughts 

What’s the best part about decorating for Halloween around the office? All of these tips are quick and inexpensive, which means you get a lot of payoff for a little bit of effort. Everyone can feel the spirit throughout the month of October and enjoy lots of candy and treats. Who said the excitement has to stop when you’re no longer a kid? 

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By interiorcontract
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