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5 Ways To Modernize Your Orlando Office

  • September 21,2018
  • by interiorcontract

5 Ways To Modernize Your Orlando Office

Over the past several years, office design trends have seen a remarkable update. Gone are the days of being able to get away with an outdated, Mad Men inspired office lacking creativity and ergonomic design.

A full-time employee spends more waking hours in the office than in their own home during the week. Therefore, there is a need for the office space to inspire creativity and collaboration.

Luckily for Orlando businesses, Interior Contract Services has a team of office designers that know how to create a space your employees and clients will love to be in.


1 - Furniture to foster collaboration

The days of cubicle farms in Orlando offices are gone. Refresh your workspace with office furniture that will help foster collaboration among employees.

Having chairs clustered around a coffee table is a great way to start. Using short stools or ottomans on wheels can double as a seat or a place to perch a laptop is a fun way, allowing employees to use their creativity when working together.

Think about having freestanding and adjustable height tables to encourage the ever brief and productive “standing meeting”, or just to give employees the flexibility to flex their legs during the day (pun intended).


collaboration office furniture


2 - Flexible office spaces

With many companies moving to flex working hours and allowing employees to work from home, it makes sense that the office space reflects the transition from stringent corporate rules to a friendlier work-life balance.

Having spaces that can seamlessly transition from being enclosed for a private workspace to open for a more collaborative set up is just what the modern office needs. Consider adding lighter furniture that can be easily moved and rearranged to fit more or less people, depending on the day’s needs.

Allowing your employees to move around throughout your Orlando office will inspire more creativity, collaboration, productivity, and it can even be good for their health! A healthy employee is a happy employee.


flexible office furniture


3- Integrate technology

No business could function today without technology. Make sure when you plan your office facelift to make a note of the technology your employees need to be successful. Consider transitioning your employees from desktops to laptops. This will allow employees to move more freely with their projects as well as share presentations more easily with a large group.

From items as simple as desk lamps, to adjustable height desks and tables, to projectors and large screens for video conference calls there is a never ending list of tools you might use on a daily basis. When implementing a more technology friendly design, our Orlando office furniture designers will take into consideration the need for electrical power from outlets. 


integrate technology


4- Add textural features

A little visual stimulation never hurt anyone. Add features like biophillic design to give your office an organic and earthy feel. By mimicking natural features you create an environment that can actually help to reduce stress levels in your employees.

If your office has large windows to let the bright Orlando sun in, consider adding some office friendly plants. Not only will they look great, they will help clean the air and brighten the mood. Use natural and organic colors and fabrics to help bring visual and physical textures to surfaces that may traditionally be dull and uninteresting.


texture in your office furniture


5- Make it comfortable

Your employees being comfortable not only will boost morale, but it will positively affect their productivity. By creating spaces that allow for conversation to flow and company culture to develop you not only reduce stress, but you help employees to do their job better.

Using large couches and armchairs as well as looking for desks and chairs that are ergonomically designed will help reduce the level of stress your employee's body absorbs on a day to day basis just by sitting and working in an office environment that is not designed with their health, comfort, and posture in mind.


comfortable office furniture


Interior Contract Services knows that your Orlando office needs furniture that is able to meet the needs of your growing business. Schedule a site visit with one of our Orlando office furniture experts today to get started on your journey to a happy and healthier office space.

By interiorcontract
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