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Best Collaborative Orlando Office Furniture

  • October 03,2018
  • by interiorcontract

Best Collaborative Orlando Office Furniture

The traditional style office has seen its hay day in. With employees becoming more transient than ever, it is time for the Orlando office space and workplace to take a queue from flex hours and telecommute days and transition into the new age of communication and creativity.


Cubicle farms are out and collaboration friendly office furniture is in. It’s time for your Orlando office furniture to reflect the new workflow and embrace the transition from traditional to creative and collaboration friendly arrangements.


Here are our favorite furniture pieces that will help bring a collaborative vibe to your current company culture.


Best Collaborative Orlando Office Furniture


Lounge Areas

A change of scenery can be good for employees every now and then. Consider adding lounge areas with comfortable chairs and couches so workers can take a few hours from their desk to work in a slightly new environment.


Lounge areas work best when furniture is easily moveable. Have small tables for employees to set their laptops on. Also think about using chairs that are lighter weight and can be reconfigured if a small team wants to meet to discuss a project. Make sure you have plenty of electrical outlets available for employees to charge their phones, laptops, and any other piece of technology they might be using.

lounge area


Upholstered Booths

You will find your employees thrive in different collaborative environments. While some blossom in a bullpen style office, others might do better in a cafe style booth. Add a few upholstered booths to your Orlando office redesign to ensure a wide variety of places for your employees to complete tasks and projects.


When looking at your options, make sure there are easily accessible power outlets as well as work tables for employees to put their laptops and notebooks. Nothing is worse than great seating with no place to set your computer.

upholstered booth


Acoustic Pods

With the open, bullpen style, office configuration making an aggressive move into the Orlando office, it’s important to ensure there is a space for private meetings, focus sessions, or just a quiet place to make phone calls.


Enter the acoustic pod. Created using architectural walls, like Teknion’s Optos, these spaces are perfect for team meetings, planning sessions, or for sales people to conduct follow up calls. If your Orlando office is moving towards the more collaboration friendly open office style, consider putting in one or two acoustic pods to allow your employees to meet in a quieter space for big conversations.

acoustic booth


Collaborative Work Desks

As the saying goes, “teamwork makes the dream work”. It’s important for any Orlando office to include a space for employees to meet and collaborate on projects. For this, you will need to have a large work desk that will allow everyone to meet around to discuss and brainstorm.


When purchasing a new large work desk, make sure you consider one with plenty of access to power outlets for laptops as well as lighting for those late night meetings. You might also consider having an adjustable height work desk to allow for the ever productive “standing meeting.”

collaborative work desk


Freestanding Media Units

Any effective office furniture will include some type of adaptation for technology. Freestanding media units are great for small team meetings that involve projects or reports being shared on a screen.


Your media unit should have ports that make it easy and pain free for employees to plug in computers, tablets, or other technology to display data on a larger screen. Make sure you include the appropriate height chair at your unit, nothing is worse than sitting in a chair that is too short for the work table.

freestanding media unit


If you are ready to transition your Orlando office for traditional to technology and collaboration friendly, give the design team at Interior Contract Services a shout. We are ready to join your on your journey to a more flexible and efficient work environment.

By interiorcontract
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