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The Best Conference Room Furniture

  • October 25,2018
  • by interiorcontract

The Best Conference Room Furniture

How does your Orlando conference room look right now? 

If you answered bland and boring, maybe it's time for an upgrade. Your conference room is an essential part of your company. It represents your organization to your employees, clients, investors, and anyone who steps inside your conference room. 

Here are four conference room styles we love and have found to be really effective for our clients: 

The Cafe Style

Over the years, there is no denying the fact cafés have become a hotspot for face-to-face meetings. You can add lounge furniture from Teknion to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, one that invites discussion and communication.


orlando conference room


The Studio Style

Transform your traditional conference room into a modern one by adding a stylish table from Teknion. Don’t have a conference room? You can create a conference room in a studio space, adding a standing height table and wall space for enabling collaboration between different people. 


orlando conference room


Modern + Traditional

You don’t have to get rid of your traditional conference room. Instead, you can add modern elements to it to combine the two themes into one.

Consider adding modern elements such as modern chairs paired with a traditional long table from Teknion. 


orlando conference room


The Collaboration Station

If you strive to create a collaborative relationship between employees, a collaboration station in your Orlando conference room is just the idea you’re looking for. You can include technology, stool-height seating, and other types of collaborative furniture from Teknion.

 A collaborative setting such as this one will promote creative dialogue between different people, allowing them to share and refine each other’s ideas. You can provide them with tools and technology to share those ideas with each other.


orlando conference room


Which type of layout do you prefer? — café, studio, modern plus traditional, or the collaboration station? 

To decide, consider the bigger picture — the vision you want to achieve through the type of furniture you select for it. 

If you need further help, Interior Contract Services can help you find the ideal furniture for your conference room. 


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