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Choice and Flexibility In Your Office

  • November 21,2018
  • by interiorcontract

Choice and Flexibility In Your Office

Do you struggle to keep your modern workforce engaged and happy at work? A key factor to keeping your Orlando office an enjoyable place to work is offering choice and flexibility to your staff. This translates to the overall design and layout of your office. 

Providing Flexibility Matters

Mixed office design trends are popular due to their ability to increase productivity, improve health, and enhance happiness. What defines a mixed workplace design? The incorporation of convertible standing desks, multi-purpose area, and movable walls are all examples of a mixed office design trend.

Mixed workplaces allow companies to adopt the changing needs of employees by allowing them to reconfigure furniture to create an environment they feel comfortable working in. You can even incorporate architectural elements and technology that encourage a social and collaborative approach among team members. 


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Customizable Workspaces

Customizable workplaces are key. Companies can customize heat and lighting in certain workspaces. A customizable workplace design promotes comfort and reduces energy waste. If you are designing a customizable workspace, ask for input from your employees. 

You want your employees to participate in the design process. They will feel more connected to their designated workspace if they are involved in the design process. 

In return, this increases innovation, performance and satisfaction. For instance, you can have open workspaces, group meeting workspaces, relaxation rooms, and other places for your employees to visit. In short, you need to allow employees to add their own personal touch to their workplace. When they can make the workplace their own, they will feel more content while completing their daily tasks.


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Dynamic Perspectives

As employer, one of your major tasks is to encourage your employees to maintain a good work and life balance. Not only that, but when they are at work, do not make them feel as if they are work. When they complain of back aches or inability to complete tasks on time due to how the office is setup, it will remind them of home. This may make them less productive. 

To increase their productivity, why don’t you offer them more options? You can suggest their work in the meeting room or hold a meeting in the cafeteria over food. You can also add ergonomically-friendly furniture in the office to make them feel at ease as they work.


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Do you want to improve the design of your office space? The design team with years of experience in designing office spaces at Interior Contract Services can help you achieve your vision. Get in touch with us today and let us know how we can help you. 

By interiorcontract
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