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Color Theory Meets Your Office

  • December 13,2018
  • by interiorcontract

Color Theory Meets Your Office

While most of us hardly ever notice it, colors have an innate ability to affect the mind and body of those surrounded by them. Colors of a workplace design can affect the creativity and productivity of employees. Scroll down to read how colors affect work and efficiency and how you can employ the color theory in office space to ensure that employees perform at their full potential!

Psychology of Colors

We already know that colors can have a number of psychological effects on people surrounded by them. Let’s take a look at some of the productive colors for workspace and learn what each of them can do in an office area.  

1.    Blue – Calm and Productive  

Blue is the color of serenity. It induces calmness in a workspace. This makes it an ideal choice for a stressful work environment. At the same time, the color blue is known for giving employees a boost of productivity!

2.    Green –Relaxing and Refreshing

Green is the color of peace. Introducing this color in your workplace can make your employees feel active and refreshed.


office color


3.    Yellow –Fun and Creative

Yellow is known for promoting creativity. It boosts the confidence of people surrounded by it, prompting them to come up with bold and creative ideas.

4.    Purple – Regal and Analytical  

Hues of purple promote analytical abilities and polish up the critical thinking in employees. It’s the color of intellect and is ideal for meeting and discussion rooms.

5.    Red – All About Energy

Red color can pump you up with energy! This invigorating color enhances motor skills.

Shapes and Texture

Introducing different shapes and textures is a pretty subtle approach to boost morale and creativity in a workplace. Surely, stark blank walls and a cold flat environment can do no good! However, introducing shapes and textures can heighten the sensory elements of the room. This makes it important to mix things up in your office design to make sure your workspace is balanced and optimal. For example, you can use textured wallpaper to cover the walls or you can invest in carpeting the spaces like the meeting rooms.


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So, what are you waiting for? It’s time you step up your color game! The design team at Interior Contract Services would love to partner with you for giving your productive office in Orlando the right “pop of color”.

By interiorcontract
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