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Coronavirus Closed Your Office? Now’s The Time to Clean.

  • March 31,2020
  • by interiorcontract

Coronavirus Closed Your Office? Now’s The Time to Clean.

The novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has altered life as most people know it. To keep employers and employees safe, there’s been a fairly significant transition to remote work. As a result, empty offices abound around the country. While this helps to reduce the spread of germs, you can also get some much-needed work done on the office while your employees are working hard elsewhere.


Interior Contract Services is still working diligently to outfit vacant offices with furniture and seating installs, so you can serve your employees as soon as they return. In addition, our both our Orlando and Atlanta offices have received numerous requests from clients to have their commercial office space cleaned. This involves disinfecting the workspace area and also can include us steam cleaning various pieces of furniture or cubicles.



 Here’s what you ultimately need to know.


  1. The furniture business is still open. You may be seeing a lot of information on the news about business closures. Restaurants, bars, and small businesses have been drastically impacted by their ability to serve customers due to either sanitation concerns or the number of individuals they draw to their location. However, due to our type of work, Interior Contract Services remains open and has been deemed an essential service, given the work we do for local, state and federal government clients. In addition, we do extensive work in the healthcare setting, assisting hospitals with office furniture moves, hospital seating and exam tables. We are still working with clients utilizing an abundance of caution, and our clients have continued to rely on us. You can still contact us regarding seating, demountable walls, office furniture, and furniture relocation needs during this time. Our installation crews have been preparing with this outbreak in mind for weeks and have experience in medical settings due to our history of working in hospitals. We possess the appropriate equipment (gloves, body suit and N-95 mask to complete each job assigned)
  2. You can upgrade without disruption. This may be an unexpected silver lining for your company. While it isn’t always convenient to have your entire team working remotely, when was the last time you had an empty office? When would it have been convenient to have all of the office furniture switched out and cleaned? If this was something you wanted to check off your to do list, let ICS make it happen. An empty office means there’s one less obstacle! Furthermore, several clients have requested our assistance with cleaning their companies’ warehouse space. We are happy to assist your office with any moves or relocation of office furniture required.
  3. Your employees will return to a clean space. If you’re worried about germs, cleaning and upgrading your furniture can absolutely be a step in the process that helps everyone feel comfortable upon their return. Utilize this time to be productive. While everyone is out, make sure that you bring in commercial cleaners. You’ll feel good, your employees will feel good, and the space will look awesome.


Final thoughts


Have you been thinking about upgrading your office? Now may be the time! It might feel like the entire world is coming to a halt, but the furniture business is still up and running. Making these upgrades while everyone is out of the office anyway makes it an entirely seamless process. No disruption to workers at all! Bonus? You can also get your commercial cleaning in so it’s all ready to go. There’s never been a better time.


If you’re in Orlando, Florida, reach out to Interior Contract Services for any commercial office furniture needs. You may call us or visit our website  For office furniture needs in Georgia, please contact our sister company Georgia Office Interiors, or visit their website at

By interiorcontract
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