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Feng Shui Your Office

  • September 25,2018
  • by interiorcontract

Feng Shui Your Office

Want to refresh your office cubicle but not sure how? Whether you take the ancient Chinese art of feng shui seriously or are just interested in giving your desk a little facelift we’ve got the scoop on how to make your cube transition from cramped and cluttered to clean and serene. So while you might not be able to control the direction your desk is facing or your smelly cube-mate, you can use these steps to bring a little zen to your Orlando office.


There are four areas we will focus on to feng shui your space:

  • Natural light

  • Keeping your space clean

  • Get a desk plant

  • Choose the right colors


Natural light

Feng shui encourages all those who practice it to allow an abundance of light into their homes, work spaces, and lives. While you might not be lucky enough to have a desk facing the beautiful Orlando sun, there are some simple ways to add lighting to your desk.


Items like task lighting can be a fun way to add a little light to your space. The additional brightness will have your eyes thanking you.


better office light


Keep your space clean

One of the major foundations of feng shui is Qi, or energy. A great way to keep the energy in your space positive is to make sure you avoid clutter.


Keep as much of your work as you can in organized digital files. This will help keep your Orlando office desk clean and paper free. For those pesky hard copies you just have to have look into stylish and simple folders with clear labels.


You can also try cleaning your desk off before you leave for the evening. Coming in to a clean desk the next morning will help you start your day off right. 


clean your desk space


Get a desk plant

Another major tenant of feng shui is embracing nature. If you really want to take your feng shui to the next level, try adding a plant or two to your desk. Not only do they help filter the air in your space, adding natural elements like plants have been noted as great stress relievers. 


desk plant


Choose the right colors

This might be a little easier said than done. While you might not have total control over the office decor, you can choose feng shui friendly colors. Think about incorporating natural and neutral colors like greens, blues, and lavenders into your desk decor.


You can do this by adding picture frames, selecting task lighting that has a wooden styled base, getting biophillic styled desk decorations and file folder organizers... the list goes on. Feng shui colors are meant to bring peace and happiness. Make sure you are putting items on your desk that bring you joy and don’t cause you more stress.


natural colos


Make these little changes to your Orlando office space and you will be on the right track to finding a more feng shui way of working. If you think your entire office could use a face life, give the designers at Interior Contract Services a shout to help declutter and modernize the entire space.

By interiorcontract
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