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A Happier Employee

  • September 12,2018
  • by interiorcontract

A Happier Employee

There are several things that contribute to the happiness of an Orlando office employee. We’d like to think that not complaining about backaches, neck, and shoulder pain, etc. has to be one of those top 3 things! So how can you make your employees happy and increase their productivity levels simply by focusing on the office’s furniture? 


Be Mindful of Physical Needs 


If your office furniture is causing your employees pain and distress, it will be visible in their attitude and in their performance at work. Since you want a happy Orlando office employee, invest in ergonomic furniture from Teknion. By investing in ergonomic furniture, you will receive the following benefits, some of which we have previously mentioned:

  1. Reduces Costs – Ergonomic furniture reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). MSDs occur due to poor posture or movement repetition. With one-third of all workers compensation cases a result of MSD, the incorporation of ergonomic furniture can decrease costs. 
  2. Boosts Productivity – Design an office that promotes good posture so your employees can work comfortably. By prioritizing their comfort,  you are actually streamlining the work process, allowing employees to complete more work in a timely manner.
  3. Improves Work Quality – Your workers will become frustrated and tired if they are unable to perform their best due to poor workspace ergonomics. If you want a happy Orlando office employee, add ergonomic furniture from Teknion.
  4. Improves Employee Engagement – Do you want to reduce employee turnover, decrease absenteeism, improve morale, and increase employee engagement? Do it through better office ergonomics


comfortable Orlando office furniture



Getting the Blood Flowing 


If you want your employees to get in some physical activity, consider getting a standing desk from Teknion. Do you know about the 20-8-2 rule? For every 20 minutes you sit on your chair, you need to stand up for 8 minutes and then for 2 minutes. 

Yes, it is that simple! To remember this rule, use a post-it note and stick it on your desk. 


Orlando office furniture


Designing a Happy Space 


Creating a collaborative culture will help boost employee morale. Consider adding a lounge area to your Orlando office space. You can get collaborative and lounge furniture from Teknion. This allows your employees to be more productive, as they will be able to share their ideas with each other with ease.
It can be casual setup, but one equipped with the necessary technology needed to increase communication and share ideas among employees.


collaborative Orlando office


A company is nothing without its employees. They are the backbone of the company — generating sales and revenue is what they do best. If employee retention is your goal, you need to provide them with a comforting environment. 

Contact Interior Contract Services, to create an ergonomic work environment. We can help you make your employees happy!



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