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How to Personalize Your Orlando Office Space

  • December 09,2020
  • by interiorcontract

How to Personalize Your Orlando Office Space

Is your Orlando office space not creating the inspiration that you want? Whether you and your colleagues have become bored with an old interior office space or have moved into a new space that needs a little TLC, adding personal touches to your office space will customize it in a way that elicits a positive work space for your business. We personally love the photo on this blog, depicting Studio TK's Fractals Nook which was added to a worksurface to create an intimate desk carrel for heads down work.

Colors and Textures

A pop of color does wonders for an office space. Whether you want to create a calm, relaxing environment by using soft blues, or a stylish and modern look by using neutral tones, color is your chance to set the tone for your office. We can help you pick the colors that will give you the style that you want.

We can also add in texture to create depth and the illusion of more space. Fabric for office furniture is a great option for easily customizing an office space. Padded office chairs soften the angular desks, tables, and cubicles that are normally found in office spaces, making it look and feel more comfortable.

Use of Cubicles

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of having professional cubicles. Strategically placed cubicles can create an organized space that gives workers the privacy to concentrate on their workstations without any unwanted distractions.

We integrate premier Teknion furniture and panel systems with our cubicles to enhance performance in the workplace. These panels combine practicality with aesthetics to create a pleasantly functional environment. 

Modular walls

Another effective way at personalizing your office space is by using modular walls. Modular walls are cost-effective dividers that organize the panels of your cubicles. We are the premier seller of Teknion Modular Walls in Florida.  We can even use the modular walls to create rooms inside your office space, making them perfect for role division and office room meetings. The best part is they are reusable and can be moved in accordance to your needs.

Personalizing Your Office Space

Here at Interior Contract Services, we love customizing office spaces to provide businesses with a functional work environment that boosts productivity and inspiration. As Central Florida’s most established office furniture dealer, we pride ourselves in working with our clients to deliver the highest-rated furniture in the entire Southeast, as seen by Google reviews.

Stop on by or contact us to see how we can work with you to personalize your office space.

By interiorcontract
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