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How your Workspace Reflects your Company Culture by Interior Contract

  • December 17,2018
  • by interiorcontract

How your Workspace Reflects your Company Culture by Interior Contract

Ever wondered why you instantly get a bad impression or a negative vibe from an office the very first time you visit? Let us tell you the reason, if you haven’t already figured it out – it’s largely due to the office design! Believe it or not, office design plays a huge role in how employees, clients, and visitors feel and how your team performs. It also reflects your company’s culture.

Don’t just take our word for it. Do your own small experiment the next time you step into your office. Just stop for a moment before you head to your workstation, take a good look around and feel the vibe.

If the workplace has cubicles and glass-walled offices, chances are you will feel pressured and may get anxious or even stressed. It goes to show that the company most likely has a strict and highly disciplined environment.

On the contrary, you are likely to feel relaxed when you walk into an unconventional or ancillary office space. Just by looking at the unusual office design, you can tell the company is likely to have a positive work environment.

Office design both reflects and contributes to:

Employee Wellness

Office design has the power to impact employee wellness – it can either boost or decrease the productivity and creativity of your employees. It also has a huge impact on employee satisfaction.

Factors like dull and dark colors, insufficient or improper lighting, and closed spaces (read cubicles) have a negative impact on the energy and the mood of employees. They are likely to feel dull and isolated. On the other hand, offices with bright colors, proper lighting, and collaborative workspaces tend to produce better quality work due to a better environment.


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Workspace Functionality

A poorly designed office space not only causes a bad impact on the environment but can also have a negative impact on the morale and productivity of your employees. On the other hand, a good office layout contributes to improving communications and relationships between the employees.


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Office Design Determines Work Environment and Reflects Company Values

There is a direct relation between the office design and work environment. It is also a reflection of the core values of a company. For example, companies with ancillary workspaces and open floor plans both reflect and promote the culture of collaboration, teamwork, sharing, and transparency.   

On the other hand, companies with exclusive executive offices show the hierarchical setup and an environment where confidentiality and privacy are preferred.


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Whether you are setting up a new office or re-designing your old one, keep these factors in mind and choose the office design that promotes creativity and positivity and reflects and reinforces the vision, values, and philosophy of your company. If you are based in Orlando, call Interior Contract Services to receive expert consultation and a custom design according to the nature of your work.

By interiorcontract
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