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Interior Contract Services Revitalizes Orlando Workspaces Post-COVID

  • May 03,2021
  • by interiorcontract

Interior Contract Services Revitalizes Orlando Workspaces Post-COVID


Before the last year, most people wouldn’t have thought twice about the office space they walked into each morning. Whether their company provided a classic cubicle design or an airy, open, and innovative workspace, most employees got used to whatever was provided.  


Yet, for the last year, this has not been the case. Each employee has had the opportunity to customize their office space. Remote work flexibility has allowed employees to redefine their office space. In the next few months, as the pandemic begins to wane and companies bring their vaccinated workers back into the office, offices must refresh their look for not only health and safety but also functionality.


Interior Contract Services, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, is here to help you with these changes. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the changes you may see as offices fill back up.


  1. Health and safety


As we transition out of the pandemic and back to a new “normal,” one of the main priorities is ensuring that companies can recongregate in an office space safely. For this reason, Interior Contract Services has enhanced sanitation protocols in place to ensure that installation is safe. You can also have your workspace and offices commercially cleaned by Interior Contract Services. In addition, the company has been providing numerous protection shields in the work environment to reduce and prevent the spread of COVID-19.  


  1. Functionality


Employees in remote settings or remote offices have been able to customize their office furniture setup for maximum functionality. If they need to move their desk near a window, done! If they need to be in a noise-canceling setting, done! If they need to be near a bathroom, done! Every functional choice is ultimately up to them because they’re in their own space.


When you move back into an office, they don’t have as much agency to make their space functional. Ultimately, their desk or workspace is wherever they’re told it is, and this can result in a lack of productivity. As an employer, you want to make sure you help facilitate and maximize functionality.


Interior Contract Services can help maximize functionality by partnering with you on furniture reconfiguration and planning support to help your employees feel truly at home.


  1. Individuality


Work from home culture is unlikely to go away entirely after COVID-19. In fact, according to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, more than half of employees say they want to keep working from home (vaccinated or not). Now, don’t worry, the office won’t become obsolete any time soon. There are plenty of employees who are dying to go back. Whether working with kids or a partner at home has been far from ideal, or you miss having coworkers to collaborate with, going into the office is high on the priority list for many.


With that said, new office set-ups are likely to emphasize individuality and the ability for workers to choose which type of work is best for them. Do you want to work from the office or work from home? How can an office space better facilitate interaction between these different types of coworkers?


Google is already working on a new meeting room concept called “Campfire” to put virtual attendees on the same footing as in-person participants. This is something to consider incorporating into your space as well! Reach out to ICS to discuss how you can do this.


Final thoughts


Are you in Orlando and looking to revamp your office space? Contact Interior Contract Services today.

By interiorcontract
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