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Office Designs to Boost Emotional Wellbeing & Creativity

  • December 07,2018
  • by interiorcontract

Office Designs to Boost Emotional Wellbeing & Creativity

Did you know that office design can impact the emotional wellbeing of employees? Well, research shows that certain office designs and décor can not only boost the emotional satisfaction of the employees but also act as a catalyst that promotes creativity and productivity. Scroll down to see how you can revamp a workspace to make sure your employees perform to their full potential in a relaxed and comforting environment.

Color Strategy   

Colors have the ability to subtly alter the behavior of employees in any workplace. Experts believe that blue is the most “productive” color of all. If you are looking for a way to enhance productivity, incorporate loads of blue in your office design. However, it is advisable to introduce some warmer colors like orange as well to balance the design.

On the other hand, yellow can bring out the creativity in your employees. It is a color that stimulates the ego and gets the gears turning in your brain to bring forward the most creative ideas. If you want a relaxed environment, go for green! Keep in mind that every color has a distinct effect but none of them will work solo. An expert interior designer can help you incorporate the most effective colors in your workplace in a subtle way.



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Nature and Natural Light     

An office devoid of distractions like pictures or souvenirs is a “toxic” workplace design. It hampers not only the creativity of the employees but also their emotional wellbeing. Therefore, it is advisable to introduce real or artificial plants in the workplace to increase the overall job satisfaction and productivity of the employees. Similarly, allowing natural light in the workplace also has a number of benefits including improved health, enhanced mood and increased productivity among the employees.  


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Collaboration Zones

An area designated for collaborative work is as important as a solo space. Cubicles are gradually becoming a thing of the past as many companies, including bigwigs like Google are adopting fun, creative and spacious workplace designs. Therefore, it is advisable to provide both solo and communal spaces in the office. Also, promote the use of technology like audio and video conferencing tools in meeting rooms and informal gathering spaces to keep the employees connected and informed at all times.


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It’s time you offer your employees a better office design to boost their emotional wellbeing and originality. If you are looking to revamp a business workplace in Orlando, call the team at Interior Contract Services to foster positive emotions and creativity while alleviating stress in your office space.

By interiorcontract
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