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Office Ergonomics For Dummies

  • October 16,2018
  • by interiorcontract

Office Ergonomics For Dummies

The traditional Orlando office is not exactly designed for comfort. With bulky and cumbersome desks, swivel chairs that lack a certain ergonomic design, and desktop computers that cause workers to crane their necks for hours at a time- the traditional office is downright bad for your health.


There is a new generation of workers in the market now. Workers that spend more hours in their Orlando offices than any generation before them


With this new workflow comes a need for a new office design. One that is both visually attractive and physically functional for those long days at the office.


It’s time for ergonomic design to be implemented into your Orlando office. Check out our favorite new products that have been designed with the new, modern office in mind.


Adjustable Height Desks

Think about how often you are sitting at your desk staring at your computer or on the phone. If you are like many Orlando office employees it’s somewhere close to 2,250 hours a year. That’s a lot time to be spending craning your neck looking down. It’s also a lot of time to spend seated.


The great feature of an adjustable desk is that, well, it’s adjustable. If you want to stay seated but elevate your computer and keyboard so you aren’t bending your neck, hunching your shoulders and looking down you can easily raise your desk height to be at eye level. If you need to stretch your legs, just raise your desk up higher and stand up. Just a few little tweaks can really improve your overall health at work.


adjustable height desk


Flexible Monitor Arms

Flexibility is the name of the game when you are constantly working on different projects. Mounting computer monitors to adjustable arms will help create a more flexible work environment. You will be able to shift your monitor to a different position as you change project throughout the day. This small change can make a big difference on the amount of stress you put on your neck over time.


monitor arm


Lounge Areas

Taking small breaks from your desk throughout the day is a great way to get those creative juices flowing. Consider adding a lounge area to your office space for employees to take a break from the stiff desk chairs. Lounge spaces are not only a great way to get out from behind the desk, they are a more natural space for idea sharing and collaboration.


lounge area


Keyboard and Mouse Trays

Carpal tunnel is a real problem for anyone who has a job that requires a lot of typing. Having keyboard and mouse trays can have a huge positive impact in your Orlando office. By switching the position of your hands and wrist you can reduce some of the tension that typing all day puts on your joints and tendons. Teknion offers several great solutions that are perfect for both right and left hand dominate people.


keyboard and mouse tray


Update your Orlando office furniture to more ergonomic solutions. You will help reduce the amount of stress your body takes over time and get a great looking office in the process. Contact the team at ICS to get started today!

By interiorcontract
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