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The One Thing Your Employees Want in a Workspace

  • February 06,2020
  • by interiorcontract

The One Thing Your Employees Want in a Workspace

When you’re interviewing for a company, you probably have a list of “must-haves.” From great benefits to good pay to a comfortable workspace, there are elements that make the 9-5 experience better. Yet, new research shows that there’s a big game changer that makes employees more receptive to the workplace. And believe it or not, it’s not snacks, beers or other amenities that you’d think would make your company more competitive.


A recent CBR report shows that the number one thing that your employees want is actually…windows. Yes, this is the element that they simply cannot do without. Keep reading to delve deeper into why windows make such a big difference in the workplace.


Why are windows key


Windows may seem like a small element in an office, but when you don’t have one, you may notice how trapped you feel. Natural light does all of the following:


  1. Enhances you mood: Have you ever sat at your desk in a dingy cubicle for 8 hours and felt stunted? Odds are you didn’t go home in a great mood. Allowing the sunshine to flow into your workspace can impact you mood and mindset in more ways that you know.
  2. Supports your vision: Do you have employees sitting and staring at paperwork or computer screens all day? Boy, do you need windows in your life. You’ll notice fairly soon just how much
  3. Encourages creativity: If you’re in an industry where your creativity needs to be sharp, get your employees out of the dark. Natural life helps get their creative juices flowing. Imagine just how much brain power you might be missing out on if they can’t draw from their environment.


All of the benefits of natural light ultimately make sense. Reflect on your school classrooms growing up. Educational furniture and classroom interior design reflects this same setup as the benefits of windows and natural lighting are known. Applying this to your office is a sure fire way to create a positive environment and culture.


Give more opportunities for the corner office


Are you really surprised that your employees are fighting over any and all window space? After all, why is the “corner office” seen as such an achievement? It might be bigger, but often it also has twice the number of windows. The executives in the building are provided all the lights and views and those stuck in the interior of the office in cubicles don’t get to see the sun all day. When you give people windows, you give your employees more opportunities for productivity and happiness. You give them more opportunities to strive for the corner office. Don’t forget that.


Final thoughts

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