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The Open Office Floor Plan Your Employees Will Love

  • November 08,2018
  • by interiorcontract

The Open Office Floor Plan Your Employees Will Love

The last thing you want is your employees hating on your open office floor plan. We want our employees to love working in the office, and for that, we focus on providing them with a comforting and productivity environment. One way to that is through the floor plan.

Let’s help you create an Orlando open office floor plan that your employees will love.

  1. Create Enthusiasm Beforehand

When you, the leader, shows enthusiasm about the new open floor plan for the office, your employees will follow suit. If you do not involve your employees in how you are planning to design the floor plan, they may show dissatisfaction upon seeing the completed floor plan.

You can create excitement among them by telling them how the new Orlando office floor plan aligns with the company’s culture and how it will benefit employees in terms of completing their daily tasks. The head of the company is not the only who needs to set an example for the employees, but the managers heading each team need to as well. If managers show they are content with the floor plan, it is likely their team will follow suit and have the same reaction to it.


open office floor plan


  1. Be Clear in Your Communication

You should give your employees a heads up on your plans to create a new floor plan. They are a part of the company so let them in on matters that concern them in a timely manner. Tell your employees that you are considering revamping the floor plan of the office. Communicate the vision and purpose of the new open floor plan before you move them into their new workspace.

The key is to involve them in the design process of the floor plan, telling them the benefits of it. For instance, you can tell them about how an Orlando office floor plan will increase collaborative between people and different departments, create a deeper connection with the company, and provide better and improved products for customers.

They will share the benefits of working in an office with an open floor plan with your employees. You can even conduct group meetings where you can tell them how you envision the place and what they can expect when they move to it.


open office floor plan


  1. Be Flexible

Allow your employees to make their new work space their own. Encourage them to personalize their work space with pictures, quotes, and anything else that describes them. You should allow your employees to make their workplace theirs by putting up pictures of their loved ones, decorating it, and more.  


open office floor plan


We can help you design an effective Orlando office floor plan. Contact Interior Contract Services today to see how we can help you make your vision come true.

By interiorcontract
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