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Orlando Workspace Design Tips That Will Attract Top Talent

  • January 28,2020
  • by interiorcontract

Orlando Workspace Design Tips That Will Attract Top Talent

When you’re first interviewing at a company, you may be lying if you say you didn’t at least notice the office space. Whether you absolutely loved the open layout and natural light, or there were zero windows and sad, old cubicles, you may not make your decision on the office alone, but it does play a part. Thus, in an employee-centered job market, much like we have in Orlando, one of the things that a company can do to improve their ability to attractive talent is work on their workspace design. Don’t allow something so easily fixed to deter employees that would benefit your company. Here are a few tips that will help you attract top talent.


Create a visually appealing space


This takes a little bit of extra effort and ultimately makes a big difference. You’ve definitely been to one of those offices that automatically “wows” you when you walk through the door. It has pops of colors, greenery, accent colors, and thoughtfully laid out furniture. Sometimes all it takes to attract better talent is looking the part. If you take the time to design your space with the help of your furniture supplier, it’ll absolutely pay off.


Use extra space creatively


Do you have one conference room that never gets used? An extra office? A storage room? Employees love benefits that are actually fulfilling for them. Don’t let extra space go to waste. Use it as a mechanism to attract candidates. Turn it into a meditation room or other wellness space. Put in an extra break room or something that your employees will actually use. If you have a space that sets you apart from every other office out there, you’re going to be memorable when it comes time to make a decision.


Appeal to a variety of employees


If someone who is more creative and collaborative walks into your office and sees a bunch of cubicles, odds are they’re going to be a bit disappointed. The same goes for someone who needs a quiet environment to work. Just appealing to one type of employee is always going to hurt you if you have talent that prefers to work another way. Thus, you should always be striving to have a versatile work environment that can either be changed if necessary or that offers a lot of options. Have cubicles for individuals that loved them and Teknion furniture for those that want something a bit different. You need to demonstrate that you’re willing to adjust so that your employees that can happier and more productive.


Final thoughts

Are you ready to make a change to your office space? Interior Contract Services can help you transform your space with the help of their design team. You don’t have to go through the process alone. Become memorable through the job selection process for this reason alone. Contact us directly at or 407-294-4141 to learn more information on how we can assist you with your next commercial office project. 

By interiorcontract
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