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Orlando’s Big Return: COVID-19 Solutions for the Workplace

  • April 21,2020
  • by interiorcontract

Orlando’s Big Return: COVID-19 Solutions for the Workplace

Interior Contract Services has been receiving calls for the past several weeks from Orlando businesses, schools, government agencies, entertainment and healthcare providers looking for solutions for their workplace upon their employees and customers returning to their respective places of business.

The most popular solution clients have inquired about are the Teknion Protection Shields. These shields work perfectly in any office space environment and are especially helpful for employees who work in customer-facing positions (i.e. tellers, front desk receptionist, etc.). In addition, they can be customized to fit the office desks and workstations located in your office. Lead times for product to arrive and install at your place of business are approximately 2-3 weeks currently.

In addition, several Orlando businesses have inquired about our Table Divider Screens- ideal for schools and universities. These dividers provide additional protection and enhanced spacing between individuals in the work environment. These solutions are highly cleanable and surface compatible with common cleaners/disinfectants recommend by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Interior Contract Services Inc. can get these shipped and installed in your office or school in less than 2 weeks!

Lastly, Interior Contract Services is happy to announce and introduce our latest service offering of Orlando Workspace Audits. These personalized audits are designed with our clients in mind, assisting them and their staff with transitioning back into the office environment. Our service includes a comprehensive site review to ensure your employees and visitors safety upon return to work. Our company space planning experts will provide you with rules and guidelines to implement within the office to keep employees apart (6-10 feet) yet at the same time allow for collaboration to occur within the office environment. Our space planners and interior designers will help with routing of foot traffic within your office space. In addition, we will hold training on how to keep office cubicles, chairs, office desk and workstations clean and free from viruses and germs.

If your business needs assistance with any of the services mentioned please do not hesitate to contact us at 407-294-4141 for more information and schedule a time for an on-site assessment of your Orlando workspace.

By interiorcontract
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