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Orlando’s Healthy Return to the Workplace

  • July 10,2020
  • by interiorcontract

Orlando’s Healthy Return to the Workplace



Even as states begin to reopen, the threat of COVID-19 looms in daily life. Daily COVID cases have been increasing throughout Orlando and the entire State of Florida. How will offices return to normal? Will companies go back to the office at all? Will work from home become the new norm? If there’s anything that your distracted and unproductive employees want, it’s for life to go back to the pre-pandemic world that includes the office.


So, regardless of whether your company has taken the leap and reconverged in the office just yet, here are some office updates you can make when the time is right. They’ll support a healthy return to the workplace and make everyone feel more comfortable.


  1. Reinvent your Orlando reception area


Your reception area is the first place your staff and visitors see when they walk in. Make it a place that everyone sanitizes, has their temperature taken, puts on safety equipment, and understands any specific safety instructions for your office.


  1. Dedicate a separate room for deliveries and visitors


One way you can eliminate the spread of germs is by eliminating contact with people or items that are constantly coming in and out of the office. Dedicate separate rooms to packages and deliveries (contactless delivery is always better!) and another one for visitors. This way, your employees can feel safe when they’re in their offices or cubicles.


  1. Install signs and graphics


You’ve seen the signs in the grocery store designating the distance that people should stand, or the direction people should move. This can help your office avoid crowding and reduce exposure.


  1. Add a keycard-operated automatic door


Doors are always high-touch surfaces that need to be constantly sanitized. If possible, install keycard-operated automatic doors that can eliminate the need for risky surfaces to be touched at all. Our modular and demountable walls are additional solutions, much like doors, in creating separate spaces for employees to work and reducing access.


  1. Divide break areas and spread out pantries


The break area was formerly where everyone gathered. This obviously isn’t the best idea anymore, so instead create smaller break areas and spread out the pantries across the office so fewer people use each. Consider using and adding COVID workstation screens and panels throughout the office to protect your employees & visitors.


  1. Upgrade HVAC systems


Because COVID-19 particles spread through the air, HVAC systems should be upgraded before offices reopen.


  1. Add COVID-19 protection shields between desks


Adding COVID-19 protection shields between desks can help ensure that employees remain safe at work. These are quick to install and provide an easy fix in most cases.


  1. Add wall-mounted monitors and cameras in conference rooms


Since many offices will incorporate a hybrid remote work policy, having monitors and cameras in conference rooms can help you stay ahead of the game. This digital collaboration will serve you well whether you’re communicating internally or externally.


  1. Build “phone booths”


This is along the same line of thought as the conference room. It provides a space for employees to collaborate with clients or coworkers who are remote. Just encourage cleanliness with sanitizing wipes or other materials.


Our personal favorite “phone booth” furniture selection is Teknion’s Tek Booth (pictured above). Tek Booth is ideal for occasional and short-term privacy from the open plan. Its freestanding design allows owners to relocate it throughout their workspace to best meet their needs.


  1. Rethink your office furniture 


Most offices aren’t built in a COVID-19-friendly manner. You may need to rearrange your Orlando furniture, cubicles, or desks to ensure that they’re six feet apart and promote social distancing. You may also opt to replace your current office furniture with those that are easier to clean as well.


Final thoughts


While the COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for offices around the world, Interior Contract Services is here to help. As the top Orlando furniture provider for over 35 years, we’re ready to help you with all your office needs during this time. Whether you’re installing COVID-19 protections shields or reorganizing parts of your office, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Orlando Business and Interior Contract Services Inc. are Orlando’s most trusted partner when it comes to workspace environments. Give us a call today at 407-294-4141

By interiorcontract
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