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Task Chairs

Task Chairs

Teknion – Projek

Projek is smart, simple seating designed for today’s workplace where shared workspaces are increasingly common. Projek has a clean and unassuming look that allows for visual fit in varied office settings. The chair’s ease and range of adjustment will also fit the great majority of people in a dynamic and diverse workplace.

Allseating – You Sit Fit

With so much time spent sitting at a desk, spinal compression has become one of the major impediments to worker health and productivity. Instead of being passively supported by your chair, the You chair encourages you to sit actively – all day and regardless of the task at hand.

With its U-shaped back suspension, the You chair introduces a revolutionary way of sitting that ‘lifts’ you into the proper position. Similar to sitting on a yoga ball, the You chair engages your core muscles, elongates the back, opens your chest and keeps your shoulders down and relaxed. That means you sit up tall and light on your sit bones.



Global Total Office – Azeo + Azeo GT

Azeo provides adjustable and flexible “active” lumbar support. It can be adjusted to provide a varied intensity of lumbar support and will flex in response to the user’s body movements and requirements. This provides exceptional long-term comfort and support, helping to alleviate back, neck, and shoulder tension. Pneumatic seat height adjustment is standard on all models.

Azeo was engineered with the expertise of the designer, Zooey Chu. The Azeo GT versions feature a patented powder coating process that is incredibly durable and offers designers the opportunity to color coordinate with other interior furniture finishes.

SitOnIt – Seating

The Focus Work chair and task stool deliver extended comfort with a unique Y-shaped back support. Featuring the Focus collection’s signature sculpted back with integrated lumbar, Focus Work is designed for private offices or collaborative spaces. Part of the top-selling Focus collection of the conference, task and side seating.



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