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Unique Office Space: Breaking the Traditional Mold

  • November 15,2018
  • by interiorcontract

Unique Office Space: Breaking the Traditional Mold

Your Orlando office space should push the boundaries of what is traditional and be a unique space that both employees and clients alike enjoy being in. Provide your employees with a comfortable working environment, one that does not restrict them or bore them. Instead the office environment should promote happiness, energy, and productivity.

This is not something you can do with a traditional and stuffy office design.

By keeping the concept of creating a unique office space in mind, you will see results in the form of increased productivity levels, increased revenue as well as higher employee retention rates.

  1. Creating A Unique Space

Wondering what should your unique office space look like? It's not the old-fashioned way of working at a desk, answering emails and phone calls all day. 

Create a space with an innovative perspective. Your Orlando office no longer requires employees to stay seated in their cubicles all day without the ability to freely and easily move about to collaborate with their peers. You unique office space should also encourage creativity and enable people to share their ideas with each other.

open floor space


  1. Encouraging Creativity

You want to create a workspace at your Orlando business that encourages creativity, not inhibits it. One way to do that is to create a conference room directly in a common area. Forget about boring walls that make people yawn and add glass walls in the middle of an area to keep your employees awake. You can also include booths for employees to have share ideas.


open floor space


  1. Cultivating Collaboration

Your Orlando office wants to cultivate collaboration among employees. The office design you choose can assist you create a collaborative environment. Some ways you can do that is to add nooks near common areas where your employees can visit for some alone time. However, do not place these nooks near the coffee shop or any social places for that matter such as the printing room and cafeteria.

In addition to this, create an agile workstation for your employees to perform their work. You do not want to design an office space where your employees need to sit in one spot the entire day, but provide them with the freedom to work from various places instead of being confined to one place. Also, add adjustable standing desks and conference tables.


open floor space


  1. Swapping Views

In this modern age, there is no way that you can get away with using the same set up as other offices. It just does not work like that anymore. Times have changed and with it, the way we design workspaces has also changed. Instead, companies have begun to focus more on creating a culture of communication through the use of materials, furniture, color, and/or intricate details.

Through office design, employers want to communicate the culture of the company, which is to provide their employees with an environment that offers them comfort which ultimately helps them increase their productivity.

Interior Contract Services can help you break out of the traditional mold by designing a workspace that you and your employees will come to love. Contact us today!

By interiorcontract
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