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You and Your Desk, a Super Productive Duo

  • November 28,2018
  • by interiorcontract

You and Your Desk, a Super Productive Duo

If you want to blame someone or something for your lack of productivity, blame it on your office desk! Okay, partially blame it on your habit to procrastinate, but things will improve when you have a productive work space to work in. 

To help you design a productive work space at your Orlando, here are some ideas to consider:

The Desk 

Try a standing desk from Teknion. You can adjust it to your height and work while standing up. You receive lots of benefits. Working on a standing desk reduces your risk of weight gain and obesity, lowers blood sugar levels, decreases the risk of heart disease, reduces back pain, improves mood and energy levels, increases productivity, and increases your lifespan. 

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Eye Level

Why should you get a computer monitor mount by Teknion? —  To reduce neck and eye strain, of course. You can add a computer monitor at eye level to your office desk. It will improve your productivity, as you will not experience any discomfort while working on the computer. For a compact Orlando office space, computer monitor mounts are ideal.

Regardless of how small or big your office space is, your employees feel more at ease while working on the computer. If you have a standing desk, getting a computer monitor mount and adjusting it at eye level is perfect.


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Ergonomic Keyboard Tray 

One of the most important elements of an ergonomic workspace is the placement of the keyboard. You do not want to use a keyboard tray that does not provide you with any sort of relief, especially if all you do most of the day is type. For this reason, you need to consider investing in the keyboard tray by Teknion.

Remember, companies may boast for having an ergonomic keyboard tray, but that does not mean that their keyboard tray is actually ergonomically designed. When you are looking for a keyboard tray, you need to find one that offers easy to use and in-built adjustability features.

Place the keyboard in a such a way that it does not affect your posture and wrist. Some of the awesome benefits you will receive from buying an ergonomically friendly keyboard tray include improved employee comfort, wrists kept straight, and elbows open slightly beyond ninety degrees, mouse supported at hand level, reduced muscle strain, and supports the benefits of office chair and other ergonomic furniture. 


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Great Lighting (task lighting by Teknion)

Lastly, you need to consider installing task lighting by Teknion at your Orlando office. Task lighting improve productivity and reduces eye strain caused by poor lighting. Poor lighting also affects the moods of employees which further reduces productivity.


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If you want to ergonomic furniture for your Orlando office, pick up the phone and call Interior Contract Services right away! We can help you increase your productivity by making your work environment more productive.

By interiorcontract
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